Coffee Culture Sumner

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About the store


28 Marriner St




Phone: (03) 326 5900 Textpresso: (027) 263 3236

Opening hours

Weekdays 7am-6pm

Weekends 7.30am-6pm


Coffee Culture Sumner is where it all began. Many years on and our staff will be found most mornings sharing their opinion on everything from rugby to women's fashion with a crew of regulars who pick up their takeaway coffee on their way into Christchurch. And the sun still streams in the windows to warm up the coldest of winter days.

Glenn Rewi owns the store and combines his years of experience, both as a barista and coffee roaster to bring a unique flavour hit.  With new manager and local favourite Jenny Krex leading the team you're sure to get great service, just like the old days. There's a range of delicious desserts and snacks to complement our full range of hot and cold drinks. The crew would love to meet you so next time you need a coffee buzz or a few moments to yourself, take a drive out to the funky seaside village of Sumner and experience the delights of the original Coffee Culture.